People / Annuaire


BRUEL Stephanie, CAGT, CNRS permanent chief administrator

AGES : Archaeology, Genomics, Evolution and Societies (Head : L. Orlando)

AHMED Hanin, CNRS post-doctoral researcher

ALCOUFFE Ameline, PhD student

CALVIERE-TONASSO Laure, permanent Assistant Engineer UT3, lab manager

CHAUVEY Loreleï, Engineer CNRS

CRUBEZY Eric, permanent UT3 professor

DER SARKISSIAN Clio, permanent CNRS researcher

ESTRADA Oscar, ANR, post-doctoral researcher

GERARD Patrice, permanent CNRS assistant engineer

GIBERT Morgane, permanent CNRS researcher

GUARINO-VIGNON Perle , fondation Simone et Cino del Duca, post-doctoral researcher

LIRA GARRIDO Jaime, ERC post-doctoral researcher

LIU Xuexue, MSCA post-doctoral researcher

MARTIN-ROY Raphaël, ANR PhD student

MATA Xavier, permanent CNRS research Engineer

NORAZ Rémi, PhD student

ORLANDO Ludovic, permanent CNRS research director

PAN Jianfei, post-doctoral researcher

SCHIAVINATO Stéphanie, permanent Assistant Engineer UT3, lab manager

SEGUIN-ORLANDO Andaine, permanent UT3 associate professor

SLIMAK Ludovic, permanent CNRS researcher

THEVES Catherine, permanent CNRS researcher

TRESSIERES Gaetan, PhD Student

WAGNER Stefanie, permanent INRAE research engineer

WAGNER Camille, PhD student

IDEA : IDentifications, Environments, Anthropometry: From Individuals to species (Head: J. BRAGA)

BRAGA José,  permanent UT3 professor 

DURANTHON Francis ,  Heritage curator and Director of the Museums in Toulouse 

ESCLASSAN Rémi,  permanent UT3 associate professor 

FERNANDEZ Rui, PhD Student

GAT Alexandre, PhD Student

Li Quan, PhD Student

REINA Nicolas, permanent UT3 professor 

VAYSSE Frédéric, permanent UT3 professor 

FOSSIL : FOrensic Sciences and the Study of Image Libraries (Head: N. TELMON)

BAILLIF-DUCROS Christèle, permanent INRAP

CAVAIGNAC Etienne, permanent UT3 professor

COLLETER Rozenn, permanent INRAP

DE BONNECAZE Guillaume, permanent UT3 professor

DEDOUIT Fabrice, permanent UT3 associate professor

DONAT Richard, permanent INRAP

DUCHESNE Sylvie, permanent INRAP

DUCLOYER Mathilde, PhD Student

FARUCH BILFELD Marie, permanent UT3 professor

FOURNIER Géromine, permanent UT3 associate professor

GALIBOURG Antoine, permanent UT3 associate professor

MARET Delphine, permanent UT3 associate professor

PAYA Didier, permanent INRAP

REROLLE Camille, permanent UT3 associate professor

ROUGE Daniel, permanent UT3 professor

SAINT MARTIN Pauline, permanent UT3 professor

SAVALL Frédéric, permanent researcher

TELMON Norbert, permanent UT3 professor


LEBRASSEUR Ophélie, , post doctoral researcher (2023)

HEIGHTON Sean, post doctoral researcher (2023)

MORE Kuldeep, MSCA post doctoral researcher (2021-2023)

COLLIN Yvette Running Horse, Marie Curie IEF post-doctoral researcher (2021-2023)

VERRY Alexander, Sean, post doctoral researcher (2021-2022)

TODD Evelyn, ERC post-doctoral researcher (2021-2022)

KUSLIY Maria, PhD student (2019-2022)

ALIOGLU Duha, PhD student (2019-2022)

POULLET Marine, ERC PhD student (2019-2022)

ROMANOVA Liubomira, PhD student (2018-2021)

N. SAENZ-OYHEREGUY (2018-2021)

WILLMANN Claire, PhD Student (2016-2020)

NGOLOYI Nonkululeko Ntombi, Erasmus Mundus Master and PhD Student (2015-2020)

BOUBAKER Sihem, ENSAT MSc student (2020)

CHEBIL Mona, ENSAT MSc student (2020)

De PREVAL Baudoin, ENSAT MSc student (2020)

GILLET Claudia, MSc student (2020)

GUENZI-TIBERI Pierre, ENSAT MSc student (2020)

HUGUES Alice, MSc Student (2020)

MALFILATRE Louise, MSc student (2019-2020)

MOREIRA Andreia, PhD Student (2019-2021)

PAPIN Chloé, ENSAT MSc student (2020)

SUCHAN Tomasz, Marie-Curie IEF post-doctoral researcher (2018-2020)

TOURNAIRE Martin, ENSAT MSc student (2020)

DOLLE Dirk, post-doctoral researcher (2017-2019)

FAGES Antoine, PhD student (2016-2019)

HANGHøJ Kristian, PhD student (2016-2019)

KHAN Naveed, PhD student (2016-2019)

GAUNITZ Charleen, PhD student (2016-2018)

GERBER Daniel, visiting PhD student (2018)

MARENGORI Aurelio, visiting post-doctoral researcher (2017-2018)

RENAUD Gabriel, Marie-Curie IEF post-doctoral researcher (2017-2018)

SAENZ-OYHEREGUY Nancy, PhD student (2018-2021)

TEULET Sophie, MSc student (2018)

WALES Nathan, ANR Viniculture post-doctoral researcher (2017-2018)