Laboratory assistant – ERC CNRS


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Phone : +33 5 61 14 55 02 or +33 5 61 14 55 14


Loreleï Chauvey is an assistant engineer in the AGES group with skills in molecular biology. She has experience working in ultraclean modern and ancient DNA laboratory settings.

She performs routine laboratory and next-generation sequencing procedures including sample databasing (using LIMS), DNA extraction, library preparation, and target-capture techniques applied to plant, animal, bacterial and human samples. She conducts hybridisation capture assays manually and automated in Opentron. Loreleï also runs sample sequencing screening on the Illumina MiniSeq instrument available at AGES and prepares DNA libraries for deep sequencing on the NovaSeq and Illumina HiSeq4000 instruments. Her interest is focused on new and innovative technologies that allow science to go further in understanding our past, present and future.

Selected Publications

Dolle D., Fages A., Schiavinato S., Tonasso-Calviere L., Chauvey L. et al. 2020. CASCADE : a Custom-made Archiving System for the Conservation of Ancient DNA Experimental Data. Front. Ecol. Evol. | doi : 10.3389/fevo.2020.00185