Archaeology, Genomics, Evolution and Societies

Monglian horserman - (c) L. Orlando
Mongolian horseman (c) L. Orlando


While most anthropobiological laboratories are focused on the study of the human lineage per se, we are interested in integrating human evolution in the broader context, assessing both the transformations of the human lineage and human societies during evolution and history, but also investigating the impact of human activities on their environment and the communities of species that they have interacted with. From a methodological standpoint, our approaches mainly build on the latest advances in ancient DNA research, but will also leverage cutting-edge techniques in environmental DNA and Geometric Morpho-Metrics, as well as key contextual archaeological information. Our research encompasses multiple individual projects that act synergistically to uncover how our biology, but also our diseases, diet, and our social and natural environment, have contributed to the evolution of our own species. Additionally, we aim at understanding how past human groups have transformed wild animals and plants into the full diversity of breeds and varieties that provide today an entire range of services and products, but also how past societies have exploited and transformed their environment. Combined, our research projects provide novel insights into

  1. the biological and pathological consequences of colonization;
  2. the impact that past pandemics and the Industrial Revolution have had on our health;
  3. the transition from Hunter-Gathering to Farming;
  4. the domestication of sheep, horses, donkeys and mules, and their consequences on past human mobility and societies;
  5. the domestication of cereals, such as wheat, and the origins of modern wine;
  6. the impact of our activities on past ecosystems and biodiversity.


ALIOGLU Duha, BIRGEL Julie, CHAUVEY Loreleï, CLAVEL Pierre, COLLIN Yvette Running Horse, CRUBEZY Eric, DER SARKISSIAN Clio, ESTRADA Oscar, GERARD Patrice, GIBERT Morgane, KUSLIY Maria, LEBRASSEUR Ophélie, LIBRADO Pablo, LIU Xuexue, MARTIN-ROY Raphaël, MATA Xavier, MORE Kuldeep, ORLANDO Ludovic, POULLET Marine, SCHIAVINATO Stéphanie, SEGUIN-ORLANDO Andaine, THEVES Catherine, TODD Evelyn, TONASSO-CALVIERE Laure, TRESSIERES Gaetan, VERRY Alexander, WAGNER Stefanie


BOUBAKER Sihem, CHEBIL Mona, De PREVAL Baudoin, GILLET Claudia, GUENZI-TIBERI Pierre, HUGUES Alice, MALFILATRE Louise, PAPIN Chloé, SUCHAN Tomasz, TOURNAIRE Martin, DOLLE Dirk, FAGES Antoine, HANGHøJ Kristian, KHAN Naveed, GAUNITZ Charleen, GERBER Daniel, MARENGORI Aurelio, RENAUD Gabriel, TEULET Sophie, WALES Nathan