Assistant Engineer – University Paul Sabatier

Molecular Lab Manager

Prevention Officer


Email :

Phone : 00 33 5 61 14 55 02


  • Molecular biology and genetics related to ancient and modern DNA
    • Extraction (bones, teeth, tissue, hair, saliva, blood)
    • Genotyping and Sequencing
    • Libraries and Capture for NGS
  • Supervising students

Selected Publications

Liu X., Seguin-Orlando A., Chauvey L., Tressières G., Schiavinato S. et al 2023. DNA methylation-based profiling of horse archaeological remains for age-at-death and castration. ISCIENCE (2023), 106144, March 17

Todd E.T., Tonasso-Calvière L., Chauvey L., Schiavinato S., Fages A. […] Orlando L. 2022. The genomic history and global expansion of domestic donkeys. Science 377, 1172-1180

Suchan T, Chauvey L, Poullet M, Tonasso-Calvière L, Schiavinato A et al. 2022. Assessing the impact of USER-treatment on hyRAD capture applied to ancient DNA. Molecular Ecology Resources, 10 Apr 2022

Librado P, Khan N, Fages A, Kusliy M, Suchan T, Tonasso-Calvière L, Schiavinato S, (…), Orlando L. 2021 The origins and spread of domestic horses from the Western Eurasian steppes. Nature 598, pages 634–640.

Bouakaze C, Delehelle F, Saenz-Oyhéréguy N, Moreira A, Schiavinato S (…) Balaresque P. 2020. Predicting haplogroups using a versatile machine learning program (PredYMaLe) on a new mutationally balanced 32 Y-STR multiplex (CombYplex): Unlocking the full potential of the human STR mutation rate spectrum to estimate forensic parameters.  Forensic Sci Int Genet. ;48:102342.