Software and Data


AdapterRemoval2: NGS data trimming and collapsing

CASCADE: a Custom-made Archiving System for the Conservation of Ancient DNA Experimental data 

DamMet: statistical modeling and inference of ancient DNA methylation

epiPaleomix: inference of ancient DNA methylation and nucleosomal positioning

gargammel: in silico simulation of ancient DNA sequence data

HumanOs: an open source nomadic software database for physical anthropology and archaeology

LSD: Detecting signatures of positive selection along the internal and external branches of a population tree

mapDamage2: visualisation and statistical modelling of post-mortem DNA damage

mapDATAge: a ShinyR package to chart ancient DNA data through space and time

metaBIT: automated microbial taxonomic profiling

Paleomix: automated processing and mapping of (ancient DNA) NGS data, and more

ROHan: Joint inference of Runs of Homozygosity and rates of heterozygosity from ancient and modern DNA data

Structf4: Inference of ancient population structure from f4 statistics

Zonkey: automated sex and taxonomic identification in equine species and their hybrids