GERARD Patrice

Patrice Gérard

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Assistant-engineer archaeological field CNRS.

Co-director of the French Archaeological Mission in Eastern Siberia since 2009 (MAFSO)

Main activities

  • Survey mission, archaeological excavation, acquisition and processing of field data and their archiving;
  • Photography, mainly on the excavations in which I participate, but also archaeological material in laboratory;
  • Creation of graphic and cartographic data to illustrate the different interventions (courses, seminars, publications, etc..) researchers and teachers;
  • Publication preparation: proofreading and formatting of illustrations
  • Sampling mission

Selected exhibitions

In 2019, as part of the 80th anniversary of the CNRS, a public exhibition was mounted at the new Yakutsk museum “Russia, my history”. This exhibition organized by L. Romanova, S. Duchesne, P. Gérard and C. Petit brought together 100 exceptional pieces unearthed over the past 17 years by the Franco-Yakut archaeological missions as well as 30 panels 40X60 format showing photos of land and reconstructions of graves and clothing.

Selected Publications

  • Zvénigorosky V, Duchesne S, Romanova L, Gérard P et al. The genetic legacy of legendary and historical Siberian chieftains. Commun Biol 3, 581 (2020).
  • Keyser C, Zvénigorosky V, Gonzalez A, Fausser J-L, Jagorel F, Gérard P, Tsagaan T, Duchesne S, Crubézy E & Ludes B, Genetic evidence suggests a sense of family, parity and conquest in the Xiongnu Iron Age nomads of Mongolia. Hum Genet (2020).
  • L Romanova, V Balter, L Simon, P Gerard, N Pokatilova, E Crubezy, Diet of autochthonous populations in Yakutia using isotopic, ethnographic, historical and archaeological data, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, Volume 28, 2019,
  • Colleter R, Dedouit F, Duchesne S et al. Study of a seventeenth-century French artificial mummy: autopsical, native, and contrast-injected CT investigations. Int J Legal Med 132, 1405–1413 (2018).