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Pierre is a PhD student at the CAGT laboratory since September 2020. He obtained the master’s degree in Integrative Anthropobiology at the University Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier in the same year. His work focuses on the implications of important societal changes, such as epidemics, industrialization or colonization, and their effects on the genomes, epigenomes and microbiomes of individuals at that time. This research is part of the funding of the CNRS MITI interdisciplinary program.

Selected publications

Clavel P, Dumoncel J, Der Sarkissian C, Seguin-Orlando A, Calvière-Tonasso L et al. 2021. Assessing the predictive taxonomic power of the bony labyrinth 3D shape in horses, donkeys and their F1-hybrids. Journal of Archaeological Science 131.