Wagner Camille

(c) C. Wagner

Contact : camille.wagner@univ-tlse3

Short biography:

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. as a member of the AGES research team. My academic journey led me to re-engage with my studies two years ago when I embarked on my master’s program at the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse. During my Master’s studies (Health, ecology and human evolution), I had the opportunity to conduct a significant research project as part of my Master 2 internship at the CAGT. This project involved an in-depth exploration of a collection of statue-menhirs ( type of ancient standing stone monument typically carved to resemble a human figure or a combination of human and symbolic elements) from the southern regions of France.
Building upon my Master’s experiences and research, I am now embarking on my doctoral journey, where my primary focus revolves around the integration of artificial intelligence in the analysis of cultural data transmission. Specifically, my research centers on unraveling the intricacies of funerary practices during the European Neolithic period (4500 to 3000 BC). My work is multifaceted, encompassing the initial identification of transmitted information, the subsequent examination of its structural characteristics, and the delineation of its evolving transmission pathways across time.
In essence, my Ph.D. research seeks to shed light on how information related to funerary practices was disseminated and transformed within the context of the European Neolithic. Through the innovative use of artificial intelligence, I aim to contribute valuable insights to our understanding of this critical aspect of human history.

Founding : bourse ministérielle (MESRI)
Supervisor : Pr. Éric Crubezy