SAVALL Frédéric

Frederic Savall

Forensic pathologist at the Rangueil Toulouse Hospital

Permanent UT3 researcher

Member of the Société Française de Médecine Légale board director

Member of the Collège National des Enseignent de Médecine Légale board of director


Service de médecine légale – C.H.U. de Toulouse, Rangueil

1 avenue Jean Poulhès, TSA 50032, 31059 Toulouse Cedex

33 (0)5 61 32 35 13      


Frédéric SAVALL is a French forensic pathologist at the Toulouse Hospital. He studied Medicine at the Montpellier and Toulouse University. He started his GP residency in 2008 and forensic pathology residency in 2011 at the University Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France). He defended his PhD in Anthropobiology in 2017 and his Habilitation degree in 2019. He is a current member of the Société Française de Médecine Légale and Collège National des Enseignent de Médecine Légale board of director.

My research topics and areas of interest are forensic anthropology (sex, age at death and perimortem trauma), physical anthropology and his medico-surgical applications, forensic medicine of the living (domestic violence) and medical anthropology.

Selected publications

Savall F, Rérolle C, Hérin F, Dédouit F et al. Reliability of the Suchey-Brooks method for a French contemporary population. Forensic Science International. 2016

Savall F, Lechevalier A, Hérin F, Vergnault M, Telmon N, Bartoli C. A ten-year experience of physical Intimate partner violence (IPV) in a French forensic unit. Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine. 2017

Savall F, Hérin F, Peyron PA, Rougé D, Baccino E et al. Age estimation at death using pubic bone analysis of a virtual reference sample. International Journal of Legal Medicine. 2018

De Bonnecaze G, Telmon N, Vergez S, Chaynes P, Serrano E, Savall F. Analyses of the inferior turbinate using 3D geometric morphometrics: an anatomical study and discussion of the potential clinical implications. Rhinology. 2018

Gillet C, Costa-Mendes L, Rérolle C, Telmon N, Maret D, Savall F. Sex determination in the cranium and mandible: a Multi-Slice Computed Tomography (MSCT) study using anthropometric and geometric morphometry methods. International Journal of Legal Medicine. 2020