MITI AAP2020-Adaptation du vivant à son environnement

Mission pour les Initiatives Transverses et Interdisciplinaires, CNRS

(c) C. Der Sarkissian

X-Shell is an inter-disciplinary project aiming at better understanding the responses of coastal populations to environmental shifts by combining the latest techniques in 3D computed tomography imaging, statistical shape analyses and ancient genomics.

X-Shell will establish the feasibility of future studies on the relationships between phenotypic and genomic adaptation of wild mussels (Mytilus sp.) at both spatial and temporal scales.

X-Shell has two goals:

  1. To characterize the 3D morphological variation of present-day mussel shells along environmental gradients in the North Atlantic.
  2. To advance responsible ancient mollusk DNA research by optimizing methods and minimizing destruction of shells

X-Shell will serve as a foundation for the development of interdisciplinary approaches offering the unique opportunity to characterize, at high resolution, the dynamics of different biological responses of mussels to environmental changes.

The participants to this project are Clio Der Sarkissian (team AGES, CAGT UMR5288, University Toulouse 3, INEE), José Braga (team IDEA, CAGT UMR5288, University Toulouse 3, INEE), Chafik Samir, (LIMOS UMR6158, University of Clermont Auvergne, INS2I) and Jakob Thyrring (Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, Denmark).

Main coordinator : C. Der Sarkissian, CAGT