Biological technician, DIPEE


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Julie is a laboratory technician in the AGES group with skills in biological and biochimical analyses. During his course, she performed molecular analyses, such as qPCR, PCR and RT-PCR, DNA extraction, Western Blot, and electrophoresis. She also used specifical software such as IGV to analyse reads of sequencing and was introduced to the batch language under Linux.

Interested for a long time in the analysis of ancient dna, she is currently working on the sampling, extraction, amplification and detection of ancient sedimentary DNA. The aim of his work is to developp a bank of ancient environnemental DNA in coordination with the main partenairs of the DIPEE (Dispositif de Partenariat en Ecologie et environnement) as a biological technician.


“Enriching long-term studies of the human-environment co-evolutionary trajectories in the Pyrenees with ancient sedimentary DNA”. Gibert M., Theves C., Birgel J. et al. [poster] seminaire annuel labex DRIIHM, 6-8th of September 2021