CAGT Laboratory

Centre for Anthropobiology and Genomics of Toulouse

Our research objectives span the whole range of Biological Anthropology, and aim at retracing the evolutionary history of the human lineage from its very early origins in Africa, to its more recent (pre-)historical diversification into different subgroups and societies. We also aim at detecting, quantifying and understanding the impact of human activities on the environment.Bienvenue sur votre site ! C’est votre page d’accueil que vos visiteurs verront lorsqu’ils arriveront sur votre site la première fois.

Our specificity is three-fold. First, our research covers the whole range of activities in Anthropological Sciences, from the field work to the laboratory. Second, our research methods span an entire array of technologies, from low-tech field excavation approaches to high-tech imaging techniques (drone, surface and CT scanners), high-throughput DNA sequencing, and high-performance computing clusters. Third, our work embraces the whole temporal depth of human evolution, including the Early Pleistocene of Africa, the Upper Paleolithic of Eurasia, the Holocene and the Anthropocene.